How it works

Fill your binder

It's quick and easy to add cards to your trade binder.

Just search by card name and add the card for each set, language and condition.

View all sets, foils and non-foils at the same time.

Trade cards

Instantly find trade matches. People who have what you want. People who want what you have.

You can add new wants or haves to get new matches or use the built in smart search.

Every aspect of a trade is managed. Everything from the first draft of a trade to the final trade offer. It handles who sends first, when to leave feedback, when to use tracking numbers, archiving old trades and a whole lot more.

Sell cards

Anyone can sell cards on MTB.

You can sell individual cards or use pricing strategies to automatically price all of your cards.

It's fast and easy to set up shipping options and tax controls.

To get started, go to the $ icon in MTB and connect a Stripe account.

Build your rating

Don't get ripped off.

You have to build trust. Trade locally. Send first. Build up a positive rating and good feeback.

People will try to scam others. I will do my best to stop this and will work with law enforcement to prosecute scammers. If you feel uneasy about a trade, don't trade. It's on you, be diligent.

Trade with established traders. People with large, positive ratings built over time.

What it does

Chat and make Friends

Chatting and trading locally is a great way to start building your feedback and ratings.

Get your friends to join MTB and you can browse their binders at any time.

Make new friends and find cool people to follow. Every trade binder is different and reflects the style and history of the player. You'll find some cool binders if you look around.

Pricing and images

MTB has card images in every possible language for almost every card.

We also have prices for almost every card. We use TCGPlayer low pricing (the lowest any store is selling it for) so if TCGPlayer has a price, we have a price.

You also see pricing for ALL SETS AND VERSIONS of a card on a single screen so you can easily compare.

Upload front and back card images so you can show uniqueness (condition, alternate art, graded cards, custom damage or whatever).


A lot of time and planning has gone into building a complex but elegant trading platform.

Want some examples?

Advanced data caching stores your messages, images, and prices in a smart way to give you a fast, high quality experience.

Email notices give you a permanent record when a trade becomes official.

Real time updates as trades change or people move.

More Features

This is a never-ending project. I plan to continue growing it and growing the trading community until everyone has access to world-wide card trading, the ability to sell and a source for accurate pricing.

Magic Trade Binder is constantly being improved and expanded. There is a never ending list of new and extraordinary improvements that are being added and I think you will like where things are going.

The very small team at Magic Trade Binder has very big goals, a never-ending backlog of awesome features and an unrivaled passion for trading.

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